Set in 1940s Oklahoma on a red dirt cotton farm, Once in a Blue Moon is grounded in the realities of life near the end of the World War II.

Maggie and her family are forced to endure a season of fear and failure as they face the loss of their home, and their once amazing daddy to the whiskey bottle, up against terrible truths and unforeseeable accidents, Maggie struggles in the dark and lonesome farmhouse.

When all seems lost Maggie, her sisters, and her mother band together to overcome humiliation and tragedy, a tale of willpower in ordinary people who act with courage and grit. This story is ultimately one of resilience, forgiveness and redemption.


“Like many childhoods, Jennie Reeves' was full of both beauty and terror. Her heart-grabbing book, "Once in the Blue Moon," evokes these extremes by recreating in sensual and startling vivid language the long ago and faraway. Yet we seem not to be reading about the past, but about a present that is wonderfully alive and teeming with danger and adventure and love.”

Award-Winning Novelist & Short Story Writer


Set in the 1940s Oklahoma on a red dirt homestead, these etchings depict the raw beauty and resilience of rural life during wartime. The imagery reflects the personal strength of characters facing adversity, their stories etched into the land itself.