Virginia Miller Reeves was born and raised on a cotton farm in Oklahoma. She is still married to the boy she met at 14 after leaving that farm. ONCE IN THE BLUE MOON is inspired by the author’s family stories, and set her life course of hard work, endless energy and passion. A teacher, realtor, preservationist, mother, and grandmother, she lives with her husband Stuart in Dallas, Texas, at their ranch south of Fort Worth and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Kyle Hobratschk is a painter, printmaker and furniture maker, raised between the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Arizona before moving to Texas. He is founder and director of the 100 West – Corsicana Artist and Writer Residency. This endeavor grew from the 1890s Odd Fellows Lodge he restored into studios, furnished with pieces made in the ground floor woodshop, to host and support artists and writers internationally. Kyle drew the copperplate etchings illustrating Virginia’s story in his studio across the street from 100W.